Catch-up on 2012, part 1

Yet again, I let this slip for a few months and face a reviewing mountain to climb. So, crampons and furry hat on  – and here we go….

Let’s begin with some stuff that brought a smile of deep recognition to my face. The Good Stuff.

More to follow in later posts….

CAN – The Lost Tapes Box Set – has to be first up, the motherlode, anticipated for the best part of two years in its current form, and present for three decades in legend.  Don’t really need to say much more… there’s a cracking double disc set waiting to break out of this, with the live excursions of interest but not crucial. There’s better live fare on offer on the three recent coloured vinyl bootlegs.

CAN – Monster Movie Live, Tago Mago Live, Future Days Live12″ vinyl bootlegs apparently limited to 500 copies each, and with minimal sleeve design. As mentioned above.

THE ORB feat. LEE ‘SCRATCH’ PERRY – The Orbserver in the Star HouseBeen waiting a while for this, was it worth it?  Much frothier/poppier than I’d anticipated, and there’s an Orb/Perry mix online which is more free-form and, well – Orb-like – than this. But to bop around the streets to, it’s fine.

CYCLOBE – Sulphur Tarot Garden Very lucky to get hold of this limited CD sold only at their first live outing in London earlier this year. It’s apparently due a wider release sometime in 2013. Anyone enraptured by their Wounded Galaxies Tap at the Window set NEEDS to get hold of this, it’s more in similar vein, with opening track Sulphur lurching in queazy waves vaguely reminiscent of The Woods Are Alive With The Smell of His Coming.

ADRIAN SHERWOOD – Survival And ResistanceJapanese edition with extra track. Sherwood goes a tad jazzy here, but there’s enough to satisfy longtime fans.

LAIBACH – Monumental Retro-Avant-Garde Live at the Tate Modern 14th April 2012a show that I’d love to have been at, and here’s a double cd commemorating the event. It’s Laibach, you know what you’re getting.

UNKNOWN ARTIST – Untitled 6 – Boomkat continue to distribute these limited edition (90 per issue) packages of cd and prints where the musicians/artists involved are kept secret. I’ve only heard one other of these releases in its entirety, but have listened to snippets from each on their website and the dominant aesthetic seems to be electro-accoustic ambience. This most recent release is no exception, with four tracks, all of 10.33 duration, the first of which opens to birdsong coupled with running water and other slight urban ambient intrusions – cups rattling on cafe tables etc…. The remaining three tracks build on this base, adding shifting tones, baby chuckles etc…  It’s all very restful, very evocative of an indeterminate urban leisure space.  No clue who the artist is though, so if anyone can shed any light on this, or the other releases, feel free to do so.

UNKNOWN ARTIST – Untitled 7 – again, Boomkat and the mystery artists – or mystery artist, since they confused me be asking if listeners had figured out who was involved yet. Tricky sods. Anyway, more electro-accoustic ambience, but this time evoking a non-specific location and with plucked strings, gentle organ tones, glitching and a faint Japanese (?) female voice providing additional layering across the four tracks. Have to say I prefer this to Untitled 6 (above).

And then there’s the utter clunker…..

MYRINEREST – Jhonn Uttered Babylon – I’ve fallen very out of love with Tibet’s recent incarnations of Current 93. This sidestep into another alias doesn’t do anything at all to re-engage me. This’ll be the last I buy.



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