March listening

A relatively quiet month, but some lovely things…

MORITZ VON OSWALD TRIO – Horizontal Structures – never been a jazz fan, but when musicians I’ve loved for prior work turn in this direction (Rhythm & Sound, Tied & Tickled Trio), I can’t help but be curious. The last MVOT disc concluded with one cracking dub-oriented track (Pattern 4), and with the thought that last tracks on albums sometimes point in the direction of  next albums, I had high hopes for this. Horizontal Structures meanders along perfectly pleasantly, but oh how I wish….

KREIDLER – Tank – a continuation of the Afro-oriented  rhythmic electronica of their last release, Mosaik 2014, there’s even a track here (Saal) that, in parts, wouldn’t sound out of place on Talking Heads ‘Remain In Light’ masterpiece. As the days draw out and I’m out and about more often, this is a constant on the nano – brisk walking pace music.

NICOLAS JAAR – Space Is Only Noise – labouring under ‘promising first album’ critiques, including one that perplexingly locates it as a ‘slow house’ album, this is beautifully produced minimalist songsmithery with adventurous electro-accoustic instrumentation. Ideal late-night listening.

ERGO PHIZMIZ – Things To Do And Make –  a relatively recent CD release, but confusingly identically titled to a 2009 Mp3 release that features some of the same tracks. I can’t find any reference to this online (even the discography on his blog doesn’t mention the original release), and haven’t had time to do a direct version comparison – and wouldn’t bother even if I had. There’s always room for a bit more Phizmiz in this house.

There’s also always space for more from Machinefabriek, so here’re two collaborative newies from Mr. Z, the latter housed in a lovely thick card/book sleeve.  PETER BRODERICK & MACHINEFABRIEK – Mort Aux Vaches and GARETH DAVIS & MACHINEFABRIEK – Grower. You pretty much know what you’re going to get with Machinefabriek releases, but there are always little surprises in store.  Thumbs up for both of these.

STRANGE ATTRACTOR – 3 x free mp3s – sampler for their new album, downloadable here and includes a beautifully melancholy track ‘Ray Potato’ with Blaine Reininger on vocals and violin.

DRUMS OFF CHAOS & JENS-UWE BEYER – Drums Off Chaos – Jaki Liebezeit’s live percussion group, oft heard of but not previously heard (by these ears).

AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE – Voodoo Of The Godsent – plenty of good things in store during this 30th anniversary year of On-U Sound, and here’s the first – a new AHC album. And it doesn’t disappoint, although I’m still of a mind that it’ll be hard to top Visions of a Psychedelic Africa.  Can’t get enough of that ping-pong percussion though. Next up, the Tackhead/Mark Stewart & The Maffia/Adrian Sherwood/On-U Sound System show at Cabaret Voltaire mid-April. It’s been a long time since I experienced On-U in full effect – I plan to dance myself to exhaustion.


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