December 2010 stuff

January 11, 2011

December is ‘traditionally’ my DVD watching month, so I’ve had less attention to pay to my ears – though I did pick up a few things…..

COH – 3 Girls Mixed Up – special very limited edition double CD, with the second disc apparently a live reworking of the album from its launch event in Tokyo, though you’d never know, the production is so good.

ROEDELIUS – Selbsportrait 1 ; Selbsportrait 2 ; Ex Animo – two Bureau B reissues, and one new release from the man. Gorgeous stuff, as expected.

SAROOS – See Me Not – associations with The Notwist and Lali Puna led me to this, and I’d enjoyed their first effort – but this seems less varied fare and lacking in ideas by comparison.

MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO – Answers Come In Dreams – the law of diminishing returns applies here, for me at any rate. Was a huge fan of MBM and continue to buy, but with every release there’s less of interest. It’s not until the last track of the set, a slinky and increasingly fractured dub, ‘Chimie Du Son’, that my ears pricked up. More of this next time out please.

STEREOLAB – Not Music – diminishing return expectations apply here too.

LEE ‘SCRATCH’ PERRY – Dub Treasures From The Black Ark –  a forgettable compilation.

SHRIEKBACK – Life In The Loading Bay – haven’t been near them for a long while but a chum told me that this was a return to form – i.e. ploughing similar territory to their first three albums. Not quite true, but although the lyrics occasionally grate and the production sounds fairly flat and uninspired to these ears, this is a decent listen.

MINOX w/STEVEN BROWN – Live in San Giovanni Valdorno K7 – love the Minox/Steven Brown album and had no idea that they’d ever played live together, so when this appeared on eBay I couldn’t resist. But I should have, the sound quality isn’t as advertised, and there’s nothing here that isn’t better iterated on the album. A disappointment.

VARIOUS ARTISTS – After Twilight – a selection of Les Disques Du Crepuscule artists revisit former glories and offer up pointers as to where, musically speaking, they are now. Mostly, a Gallic shrug seems an appropriate response.

ERGO PHIZMIZ – Handmade In The Monasteries Of Nepal/Eloise My Dolly – actually a 2008 release, but vinyl only and it’s taken me this long to track down a cd promo of it. Worth waiting for, its shorter ‘pop’ pieces coming as something of a relief after the marathon Faustus work (even if this was made before/during the latter).