November stuff

December 3, 2010

NURSE WITH WOUND/LARSEN – Erroneous, a Selection of Errors – not often I rave about things these days, but this is an incredible psychedelic odyssey, wonderful stuff.  No idea what Larsen sound like on their own, and don’t necessarily want/need to find out. My most listened to CD over the last couple of months by a long way.

MUSLIMGAUZE – Zul’m – from the early 90s, and by some measure the most tuneful/approachable of the Muslimgauze material I’ve been amassing of late. Thumbs up.

FELA ANIKULAPO KUTI – The Complete Works – monster 27-disc boxed set (46 albums on 26 cds, plus a DVD and four short booklets). I have most of these discs as single CDs already, but at the price, worth having for the seven or eight discs I lacked.  It’s not ‘complete’ either – Wikipedia points to several other (possibly unrecorded in a studio) tracks, and a mammoth and very limited Nigerian boxed set apparently contained several tracks missed here. But hey ho, this is as good as it gets.

FEMI KUTI – Africa For Africa – kinda pales into insignificance next to the motherlode above, but Femi’s faster, shorter, punchier approach to his father’s Afrobeat legacy is pretty appealing nonetheless. I don’t see any big moves between this and his previous releases – but that’s not really the point. Looking forward to seeing him live in Edinburgh at the beginning of December.

BRIAN ENO – Small Craft On A Milk Sea – ‘Humourless’, said one reviewer, which is seems to me to be kinda missing the point for this record.   Came with a limited edition unique screenprint from the 77 Million Paintings work.

OK GO – Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky – extra nice edition. Vaguely Prince-like stylings on a US indie/geek band. Decent pop for the car, if it ever gets dug out of the snow.

TABU LEY ROCHEREAU – The Voice Of Lightness Vol. 2 – Sweet voice and guitar stylings, rhumba at a pace that’s for slinky dancing rather than bopping.