What Are You Like?

September 28, 2010

With Warp Records now about a month away from releasing a new Brian Eno album via their Bleep.com website, I decided to sign up for the ridiculously expensive ‘limited’ edition with added signed screenprint. Given the amount of pleasure Eno’s music and thought have given me over the years, something to hang on the wall as an ever-present reminder of his impact on my aesthetic development seemed not such a bad idea.  The walls could do with refreshing anyway. A tad worrying though, that there’s no way to know in advance whether you’ll be sent an image you’ll love, or merely ‘understand’ – or worse, hate altogether.

Having shelled out for this album edition last month, I was both excited and moderately vexed yesterday when I stumbled across a website offering a signed Eno giclee screenprint, entitled ‘What Are You Like?’, still for sale, and reasonably affordable (ahem).

What Are You Like?

I’d no idea that this existed, although it’s apparently been around since 2008.  I gather it’s part of a series of works by a number of art-world luminaries (only two or three of whom I recognise), all carrying the same title. The website states ‘contributors were asked to illustrate eight favourite things from a list of twelve – their favourite animal, book, clothes, comfort, food, pastime, place, possession, music, shoes, weather and their pet aversion. They were encouraged to use whatever medium they most enjoy‘.

Those who know me might recall my love of Scots/Italian pop artist Eduardo Paolozzi, my walls bearing testament to this abiding interest.  When I saw this Eno print, with its loose composition and playful juxtaposition of disparate pan-cultural imagery, it immediately struck me as a kind of 21st century iteration of the 60s/70s Paolozzi of…..


And so I had to have it. The walls may now groan under the weight of not one, but two Eno visual works.

Dammit. There goes the (admittedly distant) possibility of a winter trip to Marrakech.