April showers

May 1, 2010

DAVID BYRNE & FATBOY SLIM – Here Lies Love – double CD, DVD and book package. Gorgeously packaged, and easy on the ears.

TUXEDOMOON – Live At The Savoy 1981 – paid download, though I hope there’s a physical release for this at some point. Decent quality sound recording, and storming versions of What Use? and In The Name Of Talent.

NURSE WITH WOUND – Automating Volume Three – well, it’s NWW – what can go wrong?

THE RESIDENTS – Chicken Scratching – download with Talking Light tour dogtag

THE RESIDENTS – Ozan – download with Talking Light tour pass/lanyard

CHRIS MORRIS – Blue Jam – With the imminent release of Four Lions (the first film in a long time that I’m keen enough to try to see on day of release), I thought I’d delve back into the Jam TV series DVD, which led me to this. Although Blue Jam/Jam began life as an audio/radio show, its visual iteration remains the more powerful.  A rare interview in which Chris Morris discusses Four Lions here…  And the trailer….

ROEDELIUS – Jardin Au Fou – Don’t know how this managed to pass me by when initially released, but very glad I’ve finally caught up with it. Another Bureau B reissue, and on a par with the marvellous Wenn Der Südwind Weht. A new Roedelius favourite for me.

LALI PUNA – Our Inventions – good to have them back after a few years break – and with a guest appearance by Yukihiro Takahashi to boot! Pretty brief at 37mins though.

J. HANSON – Boolean Blues – Modular synth symphony with vaguely oriental touches , not unakin to Cluster in places.

YURI LUGOVSKOY – Moteer 016 – another synth symphony – decent review at Boomkat.

THE CONGOS – Back In The Black Ark – a reformed Congos, with Perry guesting. Better than might be expected, but understandably not a patch on Heart Of The Congos.

MACHINEFABRIEK – Daas – compilation of a few tracks from unavailable early 3″ cdrs (and one new track)

Also loving this from last year, as a recreation/reinvigoration of 80s pop electronica – although it bears no small resemblance to a certain Human League song, and other tracks I’ve heard by the guy don’t appeal.