March stuff

April 2, 2010

THE RESIDENTS – Film Series 2 – Strange Culture/Haeckel’s Tale – download from RSD of television soundtrack material. Low impact.

PEOPLE LIKE US – 24 Hours Like Ours – from 2004, an mp3 data disc containing over a day’s worth of PLU music. Yeeks, where to start? Also bought two packages of PLU videos for my Nano.

WALL OF VOODOO – Dark Continent/Call Of The West – reissue on an Australian label from last year – finally got the hard-to-find-on-CD Dark Continent, great to hear again. Takes me back to seeing their live shows at the Whiskey in LA in 1981.

ROEDELIUS – Wenn Der Sudwind Weht – still my favourite Roedelius album, despite fierce competition. Bought this recent reissue just in case the set had been remastered/refreshed. Doesn’t seem to be the case, sadly, but the digipak sleeve is more appealing than the original cd basic jewel case.

MACHINEFABRIEK & SABINE BÜRGER – Instuif DVD – edition of 100 DVDrs containing a 20-minute piece accompanied by visuals of (I suspect) snowflakes buffeted by swirling wind. Not perhaps something demanding repeated visual attention, though together they set a mood – large TV, dark room for best effect. But there’s enough winter outside at the moment not to want to evoke it inside.

ELEH – Location Momentum – huge fuss made about this by some reviewers, but I can’t see it/don’t get it. Ultimately snoozeworthy.

PHANTOM BAND – Phantom Band + Freedom Of Speech – two reissues on the increasingly wonderful Bureau B imprint (the Roedelius album above is another). Used to have these on vinyl way back, and on relistening I still prefer the summery, reggae jazz vibe of the former to the darker, dystopian moaning of their second album.

TO ROCOCO ROT – Speculation – a fuller, more ‘jazzy’ sound than previous releases – and yet another recent example of African instruments creeping into German electronic work. Good stuff.