January stuff

February 1, 2010

THE RESIDENTS – Tweedles (Tabasco) Instrumental – a download-only album from RSD, and it’s another gem – never been overly fond of the Tweedles song set that this apparently eventually became, but these three lengthy instrumental tracks are, for me, every bit as questing as The Ughs! set I loved a couple of months ago.  Only sadness about this release is that it hasn’t been given the CD outing (with higher quality audio) that it richly deserves. Now, where’s that Voice Of Midnight instrumentals set please – on CD!

THE RESIDENTS – Talking Light Live Santa Cruz – apparently several shows on the US leg of the Residents current tour are scheduled to be up for sale from their download centre. Don’t think I’ll be getting them all, but since Santa Cruz is the first date on the tour I thought I’d give it a whirl. Interesting mix of new and reworked older material, with the balance firmly in favour of the latter – although (if this is the entire concert) it’s pretty short.

With The Residents seemingly playing only a single show in the UK (and that at a holiday camp weekend festival), I’d been considering travelling to Italy to catch them there in May. But if I’ve already heard the concert and it’s only an hour or so long, going to all the expense becomes an issue (leaving aside the visuals, of course). Thinking cap on.

NURSE WITH WOUND – Space Music – one of Stapleton’s lengthy single track drone, crackle, bang and groan outings, this one apparently commissioned by Melbourne Planetarium. Beautiful limited edition box/signed card/book packaging from Beta Lactam, but it’s not a release that I’m likely to be returning to regularly.

BRUME – The Sun//The Moon – double CD from small UK imprint Elsie and Jack Records, a lovingly packaged edition.  Bought on the strength of a review in The Wire.

DAVID BYRNE/FATBOY SLIM – Please Don’t – download track from upcoming album. Hmm. Mixed

MOEBIUS – Tonspuren – from way back in the days before t’internet, when buying imported vinyl and even finding out about non-UK releases was a difficult business. This one passed me by completely, and damn, I wish it hadn’t. Superb, almost proto-techno electronica that’s already amongst my favourite of his releases. What else have I missed, I wonder?

MACHINEFABRIEK – The Breathing Bridge – 3″ cdep;  Slovensko – 3″ cdep; Nerf – 3″ cdep – probably amongst his most minimal work to date.

L/M/R/W – Drifts – A Machinefabriek collaboration, haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet.

ERGO PHIZMIZ – The Faustus Cycle – a whopping 15 hour meisterwerk available for free download from Headphonica – merited a blog entry all its own (see earlier this month). Get it now, those of you with adventurous ears.