October audio

October 25, 2009

Here we go with this month’s goodies….

NINE RAIN – Que Viva Mexico – their soundtrack to the Eisenstein film Que Viva Mexico. Will be off to see them play  it in front of the film in Amsterdam at the beginning of November – can’t wait.

YELLO – Touch – continues their climb out of a fairly uninspired patch – loving the funky and ‘jazzier’ excursions in particular.

MOEBIUS – Kram – altogether fiestier stuff than I was expecting.

GONG – 2032 – well produced, and musically more muscular and engaging than I’d anticipated, although occasionally lyrically cringeworthy – or is my cynicism coming into play here?

Neat Japanese animated video to accompany one of the tracks…

THE RESIDENTS – Hades – download from their Robot Selling Device, apparently a reworking of music that was intended to provide an ‘ambient’ backdrop for the launch of Steve Cerio’s Residents toy figures. Compared to other recent outings, this is abrasive, ‘difficult’ stuff, I can’t imagine how it would have been received.

THE RESIDENTS – el Ano del Muerto – download from their Robot Selling Device, bits and bobs on a vaguely Halloween/Day Of The Dead tip.  A couple of things I don’t recognise, but given that I’ve only given cursory listens to some of their song-based albums in recent years, wouldn’t be at all surprised if I discovered that I have the tracks already. Nice and cheap though.

MACHINEFABRIEK – Rusland (3″) & Fabriek Bakker Fabriek (3″) & Piiptsjilling & Drawn & Pulses And Places – another 5 cds adding fuel to the fire…. has this man never produced a duff release?

and finally, speaking of duff releases…..

DAVID SYLVIAN – Manafon – Nope, sorry, I didn’t get this at all, despite repeated listens.  Loved his last three or four outings, but here the improv instrumentation and his voice seem to inhabit separate universes, with no meeting point. Sold on already.