August stuff

August 30, 2009

Wow – unusual that a whole month goes by with minimal audio input, but there’s been the Edinburgh festivals in full swing – and I’ve been to a fair number of events, at the book festival in particular.

So, this is it….

DAVID THOMAS & THE PALE ORCHESTRA – Mirror Man Pt2. – download-only album from Hearpen. I attended a live presentation of Mirror Man as part of Stirling’s Le Weekend festival at some point in 2001/2002 – might well have been this set, but it’s too long ago to recall.

DAVID THOMAS & TWO PALE BOYS – Three Things b/w Life Of Riley – download-only ep from Hearpen consisting of two outtakes, one from the wonderful Meadville CD, the other from 18 Monkeys On A Dead Man’s Chest. You can never have too much 2PB.