Threshold Houseboy’s Choir @ Stereo, Glasgow 3rd May 2009

May 4, 2009



I was lucky enough to be at a rare Peter Christopherson/Threshold Houseboy’s Choir solo show at Stereo in Glasgow earlier tonight, following an entertaining catch-up dinner with Jo at the venue’s vegan restaurant.

Christopherson mostly ‘played’ stuff from the Amulet Edition, accompanied by projection of a disparate yet entirely appropriate selection of video.

Opening with a lengthy clip from The Thief of Baghdad, there was also variously; a video ‘prayer’ for some Thai boys enjoying themselves; footage of a ceremony in which young trancing Thais attempting to breach an army cordon in order to reach a tattoo artist/priest; some gay mobile phone porn ‘heterosexualised’ by way of solarisation; a Liberace performance; some (mercifully) distressed phone video footage of beheadings that were part of the Thai/Malaysian border conflict; film of ceremonial masked dancing at a Thai royal funeral; and ending with phone video footage of sex acts. A nice lengthy noise-bath improv on ‘Distonto’ – one of the Amulet tracks – accompanied the latter to finish proceedings.

All of this punctuated by Christopherson’s avuncular wit. Waki was very taken with what she described as his very fetching ‘cows-moo’ dressing gown.

From the Threshold House website “Sleazy reserves the right to add an extra disc or mini-dvd to a small number of Amulets he will be selling at solo THBC shows in Europe during May, though IF he does, the extra disc will be also available alone, to include in the Amulet you already bought.”

Was slightly disappointed to discover that the 3″ disc of additional Amulet Edition material didn’t materialise on the merchandise table – not enough time to prepare it, apparently. Ach weel…..

But I did snap up one of an edition of 100 Soisong ‘xAj3z’ promo booklets/folders complete with the new disc. Haven’t read it yet, but it seems to expand around the selection of photos gracing the album pages of the Soisong website.

A good night, and I also heard through the grapevine that there might be a Throbbing Gristle show at the Tramway in Glasgow sometime in June – have to keep my eyes peeled for that.


April showers

May 1, 2009

This month’s prime listenage…

SOISONG – xAj3z : 060409 – Peter Christopherson & Ivan Pavlov arguably still finding their feet as a duo with their debut album release. Beautifully – if annoyingly – packaged. Not convinced myself as yet that it hangs together as an album, although each track is a wonderful listen. As I type, only two days separate me from a Threshold Houseboy’s Choir show in Glasgow. Can’t wait.

INTRUSION – The Seduction Of Silence – comparisons with a roomier Pole or Rhythm & Sound wouldn’t go amiss here.

TOSCA – No Hassle – having bored with Kruder & Dorfmeister quite a while ago, I only bought this recent Dorfmeister/Huber double set as an audio souvenir of our visit to Wien, and having read reviews suggesting that this lifts itself beyond the trip-hoppy/ambient cliches that K&D became mired in. It does, to an extent.

JAH WOBBLE & THE CHINESE DUB ORCHESTRA – Chinese Dub – finally got around to this, having read so many ecstatic reviews over the past few months. Doesn’t (probably couldn’t really be expected to) live up to the hyperbole on offer in print, but decent.

MARTIENSGOHOME – Abscons Depuis 1996 – ten albums worth of relatively spartan Belgian electro-acoustic improv on a bamboo USB stick housed in a small wooden box – gorgeous design sense, something to treasure as an artefact. Am slowly beginning to work my way through its audio delights.