March mundanity

April 6, 2009

The quietest month for new music in ages, and probably a good thing too. Have some burns from friends that I’m still working my way through, but here’s what got bought…

LEE ‘SCRATCH’ PERRY & ADRIAN SHERWOOD – dubsetter – Japanese-only (for the moment) release of dubs from the recent The Mighty Upsetter album. Top stuff. When will OnU emerge from whatever legal mire it’s in and start putting this stuff out in the UK? With the exchange rate as it is, importing this cost me over £30!

KATE BUSH – aerial – picked up for a fiver in Fopp on one of my increasingly rare visits. Never really liked her, but have to say I really enjoyed this pastoral prog. Surprise of the month.

SKIP McDONALD & ADRIAN SHERWOOD & GHETTO PRIEST & IAN KING – I murder hate – a very limited edition four-track cdep reworking songs by Rabbie Burns, produced to accompany a one-off live appearance at the Tollbooth in Stirling mid-March. Burns goes blues/folk/dub. Better than it sounds, but the live iterations were better still. Still, a worthwhile aide memoire.

SKIP McDONALD & DABY TOURE – call my name – WOMAD-produced cdep, sunny stuff, but hasn’t merited repeat listenings.

THE INTERNATIONAL ,OST – saw the film, liked it, bought the soundtrack in memory. Worked well with the images, but doesn’t stand alone as well as I had suspected it might.

Livewise, saw a wonderful show by Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba at the Queens Hall, followed a couple of days later by the most entertaining David Byrne show I’ve seen in a long time at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow.

STILL looking forward to Threshold Houseboy’s Choir at Stereo in May, but beginning to get pretty pissed at the impenetrable Soisong password shenanigans surrounding the release of their new album. Just put it out there, guys!!!