February’s audio frolics

February 23, 2009

THRESHOLD HOUSEBOY’S CHOIR – amulet edition – was lucky enough to get one of the 200 made of this gorgeously packaged ‘work-in-progress’ – although at £65 a pop, I’m not quite sure that ‘lucky’ is the right word. Still, a wee treasure, and I’m looking forward to the May show at Glasgow’s Stereo immensely.

BEIRUT – march of the zapotec/realpeople holland – two discs, and still only around a half hour of music. I’m leaning towards the soft electro-pop of the latter disc.

MAGAZINE – live and intermittent – poor audio quality live ‘bootleg’ cd available at their recent live shows. Listened once, filed and forgotten. Intermittently stunning show at the Academy in Glasgow, though given the typical west coast diet, the smoking ban in venues should definitely be scrapped. Appalling flatulence all around.

BAIKONOUR – your ear knows future – apparently a Fujiya & Miyagi offshoot, gentle motorik beats and ambience. A grower.

SYLVAIN CHAUVEAU – nuage – film soundtrack picked up in a sale on the strength of the lovely ‘Black Book Of Capitalism’.

BERNARD SZAJNER – some deaths take forever & superficial music – vague memories of him from the early 80’s rekindled by these two LTM reissues. Time has been relatively kind to the SDTF set of electronic prog. I hope LTM plan to rerelease his (best known) third album with contributions from Howard Devoto.

LENA & THE FLOATING ROOTS ORCHESTRA – lost-wax – loved the first two cds and tracked this down via a French website. Down and groovy.