August audio goodies

September 2, 2008

A relatively slow month, but some gems nevertheless… already looking forward to newies from The Residents, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Roots Manuva and Fujiya & Miyagi next month….

HASYMO – The City Of Light cdep – pretty much as expected, state-of-the-art mellifluous electronica that bodes very well for the upcoming album. Welcome back, Yellow Magic Orchestra by any other name. Thanks, Iain.

AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE – Visions of a Psychedelic Africa – having discovered that there are a few recent OnU Sound releases only available in Japan (for the moment), I had to check this one out (thanks for the cdr, Iain). Glad I did. Will have to seek this out when I’m in Tokyo next month.

DAVID BYRNE/BRIAN ENO – Everything That Happens Will Happen Today – A 27-year gap since their last joint release. Just as well that I wasn’t ‘waiting’. Actually okay, but half of it sounds not far removed from a Byrne solo album.

GAS – Nah Und Fern – one of those 4cd catch-up boxes with on-line reviews pointed towards neglected/undiscovered ambient gold. Nope, but enjoyable enough.

THE TIGER LILLIES – Seven Deadly Sins – bought in the aftermath of viewing one of their endearingly filthy performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, for which they were augmented by a homosexual Punch and Judy show (Punch & Jude) and a toothless strumpet. A blast. I’m particularly enamoured of the track ‘Lust’.

PREGNANT – Unusual Lover – a blast from a part of childhood buddy Gareth Sager’s past that I missed at the time – his post-Head (I think) band. Hmmm…..

LAIBACH – Kunst Der Fuge – Laibach ‘do’ Bach. Oh dear. And there was I hoping for something that would even be a patch on the truly wonderful Volk. No such luck.

STEREOLAB – Chemical Chords – the group plough on, to ever diminishing returns – no, that’s unfair, this may be no great shakes, but it’s their best in a fair while.

GINMAN/JIMMY JORGENSEN – Deep— apparently featuring a different Jorgensen to the one on the CD I raved about last month, and an almost ten year gap since that last one was released. This is another total gem, thanks Luise!