September’s stuff

September 30, 2007

This month’s shiny shiny discs….

TUXEDOMOON – Vapour Trails & 77-07 boxed set

BURNT FRIEDMAN – First Night Forever & Just Landed


ANGELS OF LIGHT – we are him

TIGER LILLIES – Shockheaded Peter & Love And War & Two Penny Opera

COH – Super Suprematism

HOLGER CZUKAY – 21st Century

Specialten Issue 19


Today I saw winter

September 27, 2007

Yes indeedy, late September it may be, but a golf trip up to the Braid Hills this afternoon was distinctly chilly, with wind whipping in off the Forth and dark, heavy skies. My money’s on one of the longest and coldest winters in a long while, off the back of no summer at all.

Anyway, I haven’t played golf or even been for a walk up there for a while, and the view is as stunning as ever – the Castle, Arthur Seat, the bridges and clear across the Forth into the hills of Fife. Truly spectacular, and a reminder if ever one was needed as to why I kept coming back to Edinburgh and seem to have settled here.

Fecking gowf though – both my golfbag and trolley chose today to rip and buckle apart (respectively), and I ended up first buying a new bag and then traipsing back to the clubhouse shop to buy a new cart. An expensive afternoon, but I’m now the proud owner of a maroon golfbag – if one could ever be ‘proud’ of such a thing.

HMFC clout Dunfermline

September 26, 2007

A chilly and nervous evening under the floodlights – 90 minutes ending in a 1-1 draw, with a Hearts side that showed much promise but no finishing power.

Mercifully, it’s a cup game and there’s no replay – it ends tonight, one way or the other. Dunfermline flag in the first period of ET and we stick three goals past them in rapid succession, sealing the tie.

I’m increasingly perplexed by some of the folk who sit around me though – baying for blood and screaming that they’ve never seen such pish in their lives when the team’s flagging, then clapping each other on the back afterwards, seemingly content to have witnessed a great performance. So, which is it, guys?

Tuxedomoon – it’s on

September 26, 2007

Just booked tickets with the venue over the phone, so we’re off to the continent again – so soon after the trip to Portugal – for two 30th Anniversary shows by Tuxedomoon in their ‘home’ town of Bruxelles.

Doubtless some record shop browsing will be undertaken too – Mr. Lambert, I hear your call!

I haven’t been to Bruxelles in more than 15 years, and it used to be a favourite haunt – wonder how much it’ll have changed in that time….

Apart from the shows, the thing I’m looking forward to most is a plate of moules a l’escargot (mussels in garlic) from an eaterie I remember at the end of the Petit Rue Des Bouchers. Stand well back….